Designed together with German metallurgical plant supplier and development partner, SMS Group, Perth based metallurgical consultants METS and the CSIRO, TIVAN® is a new process designed primarily for hydro-metallurgical extracting vanadium, preferably as vanadium pentoxide, from a titano-magnetite ore body, (a geological igneous rock formation that contains significant quantities of iron, titanium and vanadium), and also for separating the titanium and iron preferably as ferric oxide and titanium dioxide. 

The process has undergone 6 years of development including several successful pilot plant test stages, and is designed to use conventional and existing equipment currently used in extractive resources. TIVAN® is therefore unique in this approach as existing processes cannot extract all three of these elements at industrial-commodity-grade commercial products. The conventional means of extracting vanadium from titano-magnetite ore deposits is through a salt roasting energy-intensive, pyro-metallurgical process, which is suitable for only a narrow range of selected ore compositions and water leach route to recover a water-soluble vanadium compound.

The fundamental difference and innovation introduced by the TIVAN® process route is that the vanadium is recovered entirely through a hydrometallurgical route incorporating leaching and solvent extraction.

The benefit of this route is that within the same flow-sheet hematite and titanium dioxide are separated and recovered as saleable by-products in addition to vanadium pentoxide. 

The TIVAN® process is a world first for the processing of vanadiferous-titaniferous-magnetitic ore bodies by a hydro-metallurgical route. Successful completion may result in the process becoming the future standard process adopted for commercially viable, environmentally friendly treatment and utilisation of ores from similar deposits.


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