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22 December 2016

Largo announces agreement to qualify its vanadium for use and sale in the aerospace alloy sector

9 December 2016

Tronox announced Tio2 price increases

9 December 2016

Henan Billions expects Tio2 prices to continue increasing

28 November 2016

Cristal announces TiO2 price increases

21 November 2016

These giant batteries may save your power bill

31 October 2016

Huntsman Announces Global Titanium Dioxide Price Increases

31 October 2016

Vanadium Nano Wires

31 October 2016

Huntsman Corporation (NYSE:HUN) announces global Titanim Dioxide price increases

19 October 2016

U.S. Navy Selects UET to Provide Energy Storage-based Resiliency for Naval Base Ventura County

7 October 2016

TNG valued at 50c by veteran Sydney analyst as near-term price catalysts loom

14 April 2016

Beyond lithium: lesser-known vanadium batteries offer alternative path to energy storage revolution

29 March 2016

Japanese Battery Trial Seeks to Transform How Grids Work: Energy

24 March 2016

VSA Battery Market Recharge

10 February 2016

Titanium Dioxide Market Will Grow Rapidly Owing To Enhanced Demand In Automotive Paints & Coatings Till 2022

2 February 2016

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence - Batteries core to a fourth industrial revolution, World Economic Forum

27 January 2016

Sparton Resources Inc - Vanadium Flow Battery Successfully Commissioned

25 January 2016

Imergy Power Systems - Telco purchases 125 Imergy Flow Batteries for Communications Cell Sites in Africa

25 January 2016

Largo Resources Hopes to Gain From a Pending Supply Shortage