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23 March 2018

Vanadium: The metal we can't do without and don't produce

20 March 2018
Chinese vanadium market follows Europe and USA with higher prices

Metal Bulletin reports that Chinese vanadium producers increased their prices significantly due to low stocks levels.

V2O5 prices are now at US$14.80-16 per lb, up by 4.2% and Ferro-Vanadium prices stood at $69-71 per kg, up by 11.1% from a week earlier on fob China basis.

In Europe and the USA, prices have stabilized after last week’s rally while further increase are expected in the near future.

 “We will not accept low prices for our sales [of V2O5] as we cannot secure any low-priced material in the domestic market,” one Chinese V2O5 exporter told Metal Bulletin.

 “Prices are still holding strong in both China and here in Europe. It is still a question of availability,” a European supplier source told Metal Bulletin.

14 March 2018
Vanadium prices continue their strong rally

Metal Bulletin reports that vanadium prices continue to surge in Europe and USA on the back of rising supply concerns.

The Chinese market is also moving up but with lower trading activity.

V2O5 prices are now at US$14-14.60/lb, almost 8% higher than last month. 

"Major domestic V2O5 producers reported no cargoes to sell in spot market, and ferro-vanadium producers raised prices and are selling in small amounts. We failed to source spot material, so have had to stop quoting," a ferro-vanadium exporter said.

"Demand is very good, and there is not much material available. Prices just continue to jump up," a supplier source told Metal Bulletin.

21 February 2018
WA Advanced Materials

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15 February 2018
USA and Europe vanadium markets strong amid lower stocks

Metal Bulletin reports that vanadium markets in Europe and USA are strengthening further due to stronger demand and continued supply concerns. V2O5 prices are now firm above US$13/lb, 6% higher than last month.

"People are very short on material right now, especially traders" a US-based supplier source said.

In China, vanadium market is slower with fewer exports quotations ahead of the Chinese New Year’s holidays.

However, a sources reckons that "the current tight supply in V2O5 is expected to persist in the next months, and the sharp demand growth (in China) may happen in the second half of the year if no additional production fills the gap".

31 January 2018

Flow Battery Market Worth 946.3 Mn USD by 2023

19 January 2018
Vanadium market price continue to soar

Metal Bulletin reports that Vanadium Pentoxide prices have rocketed more than 30% in China since December to US$12-13.30/lb. This is mainly due to the expectation that market might be facing a deficit in 2018 due to increased demand with the new rebar standard and feedstock constraint with the ban on slag imports. Traditionally a vanadium-exporting country, China also suffered major production disruptions in July and August 2017.

In the rest of the world, prices have followed the Chinese trend with Ferro Vanadium up 6.73% over the past week in Europe and amid low inventories being reported in the US. “It is incredible what is happening in this market right now,” a trader told Metal Bulletin.

On the energy storage side, China reportedly started construction of world’s largest battery with 800MWh capacity (equivalent of 16,000 Tesla model 3 batteries) and it is a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery!

5 January 2018

Vanadium 'metal to watch' in 2018, analyst says